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Fire- Safety Course

Fire is the most dangerous element that exists in Nature. Due to the high risk from the fire, International fire safety standards designed a fire and safety course to overcome the repeated accidents and to save the lives of the victims.

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According to the data available with the NCRB, the number of fire accidents in the country reduced by over 40% between 2015 & 2019. However, the number of deaths per year is still above 10,000.


Fire safety is a set of practices aimed to reduce hazards/accidents and destruction caused by fire.


Before we get into it, let’s understand what fire is and how it starts?


Fire is a chemical reaction of fuel, with a required amount of heat, and oxygen. And due to extra chemical reactions, heat and light are produced in the form of fire.

There are 4 elements of fire:

Fuel, Oxygen, Heat and Chain Reaction, or Tetrahedron


In order to extinguish the fire completely, First, we need to cut the supply of any one of the elements, and then we can easily control the fire from spreading and stop ignition.


Fire is classified into different classes according to the International Standard. 


  • Class A, B C, D, E, & F.


Different classes of fire require different methods of fire control measures because

understanding the source and causes of fire is very important in order to control or extinguish it.


For example, we cannot use water for fires caused by short circuits because by doing so we may increase the risk of getting an electric shock or electrocution. Fire safety measures include those that are intended to prevent the ignition of an uncontrolled fire and those that are used to limit the development and effect of fire after it starts.

Industrial Fire and safety course

Due to the rise in fire hazards in industries and manufacturing units, there has been a rise in demand for fire safety professionals or safety officers. Industries and manufacturing hubs are appointing fire safety professionals which has resulted in the decline of fire-related incidents in the past years. Industrial fires can be dangerous and life-threatening but these fires can be prevented.

5 common FAQs related to Fire and Safety Course

Eligibility- The eligibility criteria for fire safety training or course is 10 or 10+2 and basic understanding in English. 

Fees- Fee structure of fire and safety training/course depends on the institutes providing

these courses and also the type of facilities and programs given.

Salary– The salary of a safety officer may range between Rs. 15,000 to Rs.35,000 and above, because salary

depends on the level of education qualification, company needs, and the level of experience of the Candidate.

Jobs Scope- Fire and safety jobs are very demanding in India. India is a developing country because of which new Industries and manufacturing units are coming into existence almost every day.

These industries and organizations hire well-trained safety professionals to build

a safe working environment and healthy work culture for their employees.

Course duration- There are different Institutes that provide Nebosh and other qualifications in fire and safety.

There are different Certificate and Diploma courses available and the duration

varies from 3 months to 2 years depending on the type of course and qualification.

Understanding the risk of fire accidents and hazards related to fire – fire safety trainers, and fire safety professionals are in demand because every organization wants to prevent fire-related accidents and eliminate them. On the other hand, well-trained fire safety officers help manage and perform risk assessments and eliminate hazards to make the workplace safer.


Fire safety courses provide a candidate a wide perspective, understanding, and importance of fire safety. Learning and training to become a fire safety officer is not an easy task. But with the proper course structure, training, and learning capabilities of a candidate can help them to become fire safety professionals.


BIST (Bangalore Institute of Safety and Technology) presents Fire and safety courses and practical training to aspiring candidates and professionals, with a complete practical training setup, understanding situations, hazard response, hazards identification, and risk assessment.