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Because of heavy competition in the corporate industry, most people are struggling to find the right opportunity to succeed in their careers. Surprisingly the number is higher than half, which amounts to 65% of people are looking for a job or new job alone in India and that means heavy competition, Right? To stand out from this competition, candidates must have some extra skills to suit private and government jobs. Isn’t it?

There are many skills one can develop to achieve what he/she wants, especially for HR Professionals, Engineers, Graduates, Team leaders, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Operators, Skilled workers, Infrastructure development, for abroad jobs,  and for the people who want to switch from entry-level job to higher-level job.

Among all, one skill is highly essential for today’s companies and that is “HEALTH SAFETY AT WORK”. 

Nowadays top companies, Industries, Manufacturing plants, Sewage plants, and many other industries are worried about the health, and safety of workers in the workplace to ensure zero accidents/injuries. 

Not only employers are worried, but even 66% of employees are also worried about their health and safety. Due to the increase in number each year, achieving Health Safety At Work(HSW) Award will give more advantages to your resume and to your salary.

What Is Health Safety At Work (HSW)?

HSW provides basic skills and understanding to find out the places which are potential to harm, and risks associated with each work.

For example: Working in one place for a longer period of time may affect physically, and mentally. And with the skill, one can figure out how many times the workers should take a break in between according to the work situation.

The HSW Award is open for all, you can achieve it.

Who Is The Course For?

It covers the basics of Health and Safety at the workplace which include finding and eliminating the risks from the workplace by implementing the safety principles learned.

Health Safety at Work award course duration is 3 days, which includes 18 hours of lessons from the dedicated NEBOSH learning partner, 2 hours revision, and 3 hours for assessment.


After successful completion of the course and assessment, candidates will be awarded an International Certificate in Health Safety at Work Award.

Learning Path

Happy learners!

Health and safety forms one of the airport’s key strategic pillars so it has always been of high importance here. Personally, I think that it is essential for the modern health and safety practitioner to be able to adapt and respond to situations. Having reviewed the content, we felt this course would provide our teams with the all-round knowledge base we were looking for.


The fact that it was developed by NEBOSH in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive gave us assurance of its quality. We also like that this course gives our workforce the opportunity to gain a formal qualification.

Birmingham Airport

As we were leaving the lab, she noticed the alkaline solution was not reaching the culture and the pH was falling. Without putting her PPE back on, she lifted a line from the pump to check the disc filter. I foresaw what was about to happen and called out for her to stop, but it was too late. I helped her wash her eyes at the sink before taking her to hospital. Although she made a complete recovery, I will never forget that day. 


After that incident, I started championing best practice, encouraging colleagues to complete risk assessments. I progressed from research technician to laboratory manager and took on health and safety coordinator responsibilities.

Dr. Sam Benson

Head of Health, Safety and Biosafety at Rothamsted Research


Never feel low in beating the competition, go and get it with all your will. With will anyone can do it. Now it’s your turn to shape your job career the way you want.

Now the world is changing towards the Environment, Health, and Safety of everyone and it has increased and is able to see and hear more after during and after the Covid-19 rise. Isn’t it?

So now go ahead and know more about the life-changing prestigious Health Safety at Work Award program with the career counselors for Free. Limited slots available, and first-come, first-serve basis.

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